Preventative Sports Medicine Care For Older Athletes

Posted on: 28 February 2022

Most people don't love to admit that they are getting older. But this can be even harder for athletes than for the average population. When you're an athlete who is aging, you have to come to terms with the fact that you can't train as hard as you used to, take longer to recover, and are more prone to injuries. You can't stop your body from aging. But what you can do is see a sports medicine doctor for some of the following preventative care services that are helpful for older athletes, in particular.


The way you walk and run on your feet can have a huge impact on how prone you are to injuries. For example, if you have low arches and roll towards the inside of your foot, you may be more prone to knee pain and knee injuries. You may have managed to get along without injuries when you were younger, but now that you are older, it may be necessary to correct this movement in order to prevent injuries. Having orthotic inserts made for your shoes can be really helpful. They'll make sure you're supporting your weight correctly, and they are providing some soft cushioning for your joints, too. This not only helps guard against injuries, but can also help ward off arthritis and arthritis pain.


You've probably been told, hundreds of times, that stretching is important as an athlete. However, many athletes still don't stretch as much as they should. Or, you may not be doing the stretches that are most beneficial for your body. If you tell your sports medicine doctor what sport you play, they can combine this knowledge with what they know about your physique and use then prescribe some specific stretches for you to do. This can help you feel more limber when you're working out or playing your sport, and it can also help prevent injuries.


The world of supplements can be really confusing, and there are a lot of products that aren't very well-regulated. However, there are certainly some supplements that can help you stay healthier and more active as an older athlete. It's best to ask your sports medicine doctor what supplements you should be taking, since then you know this information is coming from an educated expert who knows your personal needs.

If you're an older athlete, talk to your sports medicine doctor about preventative care, and also about these specific services.