Tips For Working With An Independent Orthopedic Evaluation Service

Posted on: 20 November 2020

Orthopedic injuries can be notoriously difficult to effectively diagnose. Not surprisingly, it will often be the case that accident victims that have suffered orthopedic injuries will need to undergo an independent orthopedic evaluation.

Develop A Professional Relationship With An Independent Orthopedic Evaluation Service

Lawyers and insurance professionals may need to work with independent orthopedic evaluation services on a regular basis. As a result, it can be extremely beneficial to develop a professional relationship with one of these services. This will allow you to ensure that you are using a service that will provide you with quality results and that you will understand the type of report that you can expect at the conclusion of an evaluation.

Consult Your Client On What To Expect From This Evaluation

For attorneys, their clients may feel stressed or nervous about undergoing this evaluation. Unfortunately, this could potentially impact their performance during the evaluation, as they may feel stressed enough to become tense or to exacerbate their existing symptoms. To avoid this potential problem, it is best to consult with your client so that they will have a solid understanding of what they should expect when undergoing this type of evaluation. Additionally, you will want to remind your client about the need for honesty during these evaluations. Attempting to downplay or exaggerate symptoms could potentially complicate the evaluation process.

Keep Backups Of These Evaluations

At the conclusion of the evaluation, you will be provided with a report of the findings of the evaluation. Unfortunately, failing to keep adequate backups of this report can lead to significant problems. For example, it is possible for a fire, flood, or other incident to result in the destruction of your physical copy of the evaluation. While it would be possible to request a copy from the service provider, this could result in a sizable delay for your work. By investing some time into creating digital backups, you can allow yourself to easily replace these reports if they become lost or destroyed.

Arranging an independent orthopedic evaluation for your client may be a routine part of your job. However, it can be easy to fail to appreciate the best practices to follow when using these services. By understanding the benefits of developing a professional relationship with these services, consulting with your client on what to expect, and creating backups of these reports, you can make this part of your job easier.